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Food Box Delivery

frequently asked questions


how do I sign up/update?

  • Clients must live in our service area-

  • 64834 Carl Junction and Smithfield

  • 64832 Asbury, Waco

  • 64855 Oronogo - up to Northern Jasper Co. border

  • 64870 Webb City

  • 64835 Carterville

  • 64830 Alba

  • 64849 Neck City

  • 64857 Purcell

  • 64841 Duenweg

  • 64801,64802, 64803, 64804

  • . We go by the physical address (no PO Box or mailing address).

  • There is a federal income cap. We can either check when you sign up, or you may call 417-782-8384. Please leave a message, and we will return your call.

  • We need SSNs for everyone in the household. For each adult (18+), we need: photo ID, 2 official proofs of physical address, and proof of income. 

  • Ex. of proof of address include: city, state, or federal document(s), insurance document(s), medical bill(s), lease agreement, most recent utility bill(s), bank statement, pay stub, benefits letter, etc.

I am unable to make it to crosslines. How do i receive services?

If you are a current client, you may:

  • Have another person listed on your case pick up your items. He/she will need a photo ID.

  • Have another person not listed on your case pick up your items; however, he/she will need their photo ID, your photo ID, your Crosslines card, and a signed and dated note stating the person's name picking up the items has permission to do so. 

What is the difference between Pantry & usda/commodity?

The Pantry and USDA/Commodity are two different food services:

  • The Pantry is a food service offered as one of Crosslines' regular services. This is food we purchase, pick up from local stores, or is donated through food drives and individuals. The amount and type of items varies based upon the donation we receive or our buying options. 

  • The USDA/Commodity is the government-subsidized food offered on the first Monday and the first, second, third, and fourth Wednesday of each month. Clients may receive 1x per month. Ozark Food Harvest distributes the food to us, and we share what we are given. 

how do i know if i qualify for services?

  • If you are not already a client and want to sign up, call 417-782-8384 and leave a message. We'll get back with you ASAP. or, personal message on Facebook

  • If you are already a client and want to know if you are eligible for a service, call 417-782-8384 or personal message us on Facebook. There is also a QR code on our Facebook page. Click the QR code, fill out the short form, and we'll get back with you ASAP. 

What is a "Homeless Pack"?

A homeless/transitional pack is a bag of convenient, easy-to-open foods. There are no cold items.​ The homeless pack is offered in lieu of the pantry and is available every 90 days. You may receive this pack if you:

  • are homeless

  • were not able to provide or verify two proofs of physical address.

  • are living in a recover/treatment accommodations.

what services does crosslines offer?

USDA/Commodities, The Pantry, clothing/misc. household, hygiene kits, protein shakes, cleaning supplies, household/linen items by request, dog/cat food, cat litter, feminine products, incontinence supplies, baby formula/food, diapers/Pull-ups, and wipes. 

how long is my wait to check-in?

Anywhere from 0 minutes to an hour. The wait time depends on what time you arrive, how many other are front of you, if they are updating, how many services are being asked for, staff absence, etc. Please be patient. We strive to meet the individual needs of the current client. You will receive the same quality of service. 

I have a hard time standing in line for long periods. Is there a place to sit? No. As a general rule, there are no chairs available. If you are unable to stand, you may ask for a chair. If you have a chronic condition, you may want to bring a walker with a chair or a wheelchair. We will do our best to meet individual needs.

Can I request items?

Crosslines has multiple items by request (available by donation), such as:

  • Dog/cat food

  • Cat litter

  • Protein shakes

  • Some gluten-free items

  • Dish & bath towels

  • Bedding (sheets, comforters, and blankets)

  • Various kitchenware

  • Cleaning supplies (1 per household)

how often ca i get pantry and clothes?

  • Pantry is offered every 90 days or after during operating hours. 

  • Clothing is offered every 60 days or after during operating hours. 

Does crosslines deliver?

No, we are unable to provide delivery services. 

what donations do you take?

  • Crosslines DOES NOT accept: furniture, electronics, ink cartridges, or medical supplies. 

  • We accept all other items.

  • Go to the East gate. Park by the double doors on the North side of the building to drop off donations at the hours below.

  • Mondays 4- 5:30 pm, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays 10 am- 1:30 pm.

  • We are closed every 5th Wednesday.

  • Check Facebook for other closings. 

I don't have transportation. Can I borrow a basket?

No, the basket policy states a cart taken outside the fenced area will result in a loss of all services for 6 months. We need all of our baskets left on the premises to help with services for everyone. Please plan on bringing your own method of transporting your items home. 

my wallet/purse was stolen/lost. can i still receive services?

Photo ID is required to receive any services. 

my roommate and i share a house/apartment but separate food. Can i sign up for my own case?

Policy states that if you share a kitchen, you share a case. 

what if I cannot make it to my usda/commodity appointment?

  • Clients receive 1 per month.

  • If you can't make your day/time, pick another opportunity during the hours below:

  • First Monday, 4- 6:30 pm. Arrive no later than 6:15 pm.

  • All other Mondays, 4- 6 pm. Doors lock at 5:30 pm.

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Wednesday, 10 am- 1:30 pm. Arrive no later than 1:15 pm.

If you have additional questions about our programs or services, please email us via the link below or call us at (417) 782-8384. 

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